Withdraw the DEIS


August   , 2016

Kimberley Bose, Secretary
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
888 First Street, NE
Washington, DC  20426

Re:  Docket CP15-558-000 – Proposed PennEast Pipeline Project

Dear Ms. Bose:

I am  
in this proceeding who lives in                                                           .  I am commenting 
on the PennEast Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS).

I urge FERC to reconsider your issuance of this DEIS at this time and withdraw the DEIS.  FERC has a responsibility to receive all the necessary factual data to evaluate this project before reaching any conclusions about its viability or advisability. We have extensively detailed the massive impacts this project will have in our communities, our water supply, our environment, our economy and our region, through testimony at FERC scoping hearings, FERC Open Houses and thousands of comments to FERC. 

Currently, PennEast has failed to provide all the required environmental data for its application. Therefore, the DEIS is premature. In addition to withdrawing the DEIS, I urge you to extend the public comment period so the public has ample opportunity to review and comment on the data once it is provided by PennEast. 

I respectfully and vehemently ask that FERC withdraw its Draft EIS, demand the actual field survey data in all required areas and actually listen to the many diverse yet unified voices impacted by this destructive project.


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