Delaware Township Citizens Against the Pipeline
As Expected, FERC  Conditionally Approves PennEast Application
On Friday January 19, FERC approved the Certificate that will allow
PennEast to start the eminent domain process.
FERC's rubber stamp approval was expected, as FERC has only declined one pipeline since 1986. 
PennEast has been asking the agency for a expediant approval since early spring of 2017.
The FERC commissioners were divided, the vote was 3-2 for PennEast.​ 

DTCAP & PennEast Opposition Partners Reply
"We Have Not Yet Begun to Fight!

On Friday evening, January 19th, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) conditionally approved the application for the PennEast Pipeline by granting a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity, as anticipated.  FERC has clearly proven itself to be a rubber stamp agency for natural gas pipelines and PennEast is apparently no different - despite the massive public opposition to this project by citizens groups, every municipality along the route, New Jersey’s state and federal lawmakers, environmental groups, farmers and local businesses.  Despite thousands of comments, opposition from key stakeholders including the NJ Ratepayer Counsel, and NJ Department of Environmental Protection which dismissed permit applications this year, FERC issued a 106 page decision stating that “the market benefits of PennEast will outweigh any adverse impacts it will have on shippers, other pipelines, landowners and communities.”
In a rare show of disunity, one FERC Commissioner actually filed a strong dissenting opinion finding that there is no public or market need for this project that justifies the negative environmental impacts, adverse impacts on communities or the taking of private property for homeowners!  Our kudos to Commissioner Richard Glick for publicly speaking the truth about this project!
As you know, DTCAP has opposed the PennEast project from the outset.  We have worked in partnership with citizens’ groups in Hopewell Township, Kingwood Township, Holland Township, Alexandria Township, Lambertville, West Amwell and with HALT (Homeowners Against Land Taking) to fight this project at every stage of the proceeding.
Now – our fight intensifies and moves to the state government level where we have a real chance of stopping this project in its tracks.
Remember that the pipeline still has to meet all of the regulatory requirements of other agencies before the project can be constructed. The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC), and the United States Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) all have the power to stop this project. 
Additionally, legal action is already underway. DTCAP and our partners in opposition will continue our political efforts at both the federal and state levels. HALT has announced that it will initiate its legal efforts by requesting rehearing of FERC’s decision on grounds meant to help all impacted homeowners. Additional legal challenges are being filed by environmental organizations including the Delaware Riverkeeper Network, the NJ Conservation Foundation and the Sierra Club. 
  This fight is far from over.

FYI- PennEast can not go onto private poperty until they have been through the eminent domain process
Please stay vigilant and help you neighbors. If you see PennEast agents on any landowners property that has denied access, please call the authorities. PennEast will need to take landowners to court and can not gain access until after the court ruling. 
Stop PennEast
Home Owners Against Landtaking

Impacted & abutting property owners ban
together and hire
Wiley Rein, a large Washington, D.C., law firm specializing in government regulation.

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Our Legislators
Communicating with our Government Representatives
It is vitally important that we keep our representives in touch with our concerns and developments about the PennEast project. Our vocal opposition over the past year has been highly successful in motivating our representitives to act by writing letters to the FERC, testifying at scoping meetings and meeting with towns and citizens.
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