Alisa Harris from UGI comes to town to tell us...
  1. PennEast Pipeline, PSEG, UGI, AGI Resources, NJR Pipeline Company, South Jersey Industries, Spectra Energy
    "The Road Show"
    A grass roots effort to expose the truth about the pipeline & engage the public to take action."Road Show" was coined, as our "tent", with help from others, travelled the route to continue our mission. Click the Road Show Tab for more details.
  2. Stop the PennEast Pipeline
    Hunterdon Community Day 2016
    Other Hunterdon County Community arrives and we were there once again. Throughout the day we had a representative from township along the route pinching in the man the booth.
  3. PennEast Pipeline
    Shad Fest 2016- Lambertville
    Our second Shad Fest event. This time we had help from HALT and ReThinkEnergyNJ organizations.
  4. Stop the pipelines
    Prallsville Mill-2015
    Pints Not Pipelines was sponsored by NJCF. The Road Show continued their outreach during this event exhibiting blast zone maps and providing attendees with postcards and letters to send to NJDEP and legislators.
  5.  AGI Resources, NJR Pipeline Company, South Jersey Industries, Spectra Energy
    Kingwood Park
    DTCAP takes the road show to Kingwood, to collaborate with Kingwood's CAP. Many CAP members from Holland Twsp also came out to lend their support, making the day a huge success.
  6. PSEG, UGI,NJR Pipeline Company, South Jersey Industries, Spectra Energy
    Hunterdon County Community Day 2015
    DTCAP and WACAP set up our station to educate the public on why PennEast is not needed, safety and drinking water concerns. Public outreach includes education packets and sending post cards/letters to legislator and agencies.
How wonderful this pipeline will be... 
The caveat is- no one impacted by this pipeline will EVER recieve any of the
gas from it.

We were told of 2,000 temporary jobs created, a boost in our local ecomony- as the out of state workers would be staying at our hotels and eating in our restuarants.....
From day one- we knew the UGI representives had no idea of what this area of New Jersey was all about. 
It wasn't long after that first meeting with PE representatives, that a group of citizens from Delaware Township banded together and organized DTCAP.  CAP organizations delevoped in other townships along the route from PA through NJ.
The CAP leaders work together to share ideas and plans of what to do, and how to take action, from grassroot efforts to strageties with larger organizations fighting PennEast, supporting and helping each other at townships events and tasks, creating a united front across the townships.
Along with other organizations, collectively we have achieved our common goals. We have had numerous post card and letter campaigns  to our legislators and to the NJDEP, each time addressing different challenges. We try to answer questions and educate the public with the truth about this pipeline and dispel the propagranda PennEast is trying to mislead the public with.  We have also hosted township meetings to provide updates, writing workshops, intervener workshops.
  • To preserve and protect an irreplaceable community rich in farming and historic culture.
  • To prevent the destruction of endangered species’ habitats and fragile watershed ecosystems
  • To defend our thriving agricultural and recreational economies; to safeguard our citizens’ proactive investment in conserved and preserved farms and woodlands.
    And to oppose PennEast pipeline as it will irrevocably impact the safety and integrity of our human environment.
We are made up of directly impacted landowners, abutting property owners along with other citizens who do not want to see PE destroy the splendor of the area for the sole purpose of corporate greed. 
We come many walks of life; we are farmers, professials, evironmentalist, and conservationalist, people who grew up in the area, as well as people who moved here for the beauty and way of life.
We are volunteers investing time and resources to get the message out.
PennEast Pipeline, PSEG, UGI, AGI Resources, NJR Pipeline Company, South Jersey Industries, Spectra Energy
DTCAP will focus our anti-PennEast efforts in 2016  as follows:
  • DTCAP will continue to voice our community concerns to FERC,  the NJDEP, our lawmakers and the public, detailing  the destructive impacts of the PennEast pipeline on our community;
  • DTCAP will continue to work collaboratively with all stakeholder groups, neighboring communities and our lawmakers to promote our common goal of stopping PennEast;  
  • DTCAP will continue our efforts to inform, support and work in partnership with our municipal and state governments and their committees and agencies to represent our citizens during this process.  
    We ask for your continued, active support of our efforts and take action!